Release note (April, 2022)

  • Version 2 of Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDBv2; includes the latest versions of 34 cucurbit genome assemblies from more than 20 different cucurbit species/subspecies. The list of these genome assemblies is provided here.
  • Protein-coding genes of the 34 cucurbit genomes have been functionally annotated.
  • Pathways have been predicted for each of the 34 cucurbit genomes.
  • Synteny blocks have been identified between and within all 34 cucurbit genomes.
  • A "Genotype" module has been newly developed. The module provides a suite of functions to extract/download variants from large-scale genome resequencing and genotyping-by-sequencing projects, to visualize variant patterns in different populations, and to provide genome sequences flanking the variant for marker development. Here are examples: 1) SNPs within the watermelon gene Cla97C04G070940; 2) Flanking sequences and allele patterns of SNP Cla97Chr04_15442987; 3) Alleles of SNP Cla97Chr04_15442987 in individual accessions.