The Cucurbita maxima (Rimu) and Cucurbita moschata (Rifu) genomes are published in Molecular Plant and the genomes are now available to the public without any restrictions.

New interface and new genome release. The Cucurbit Genomics Database has been redesigned and now has a new interface. Several pre-released cucurbit genome sequences and annotations including Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata and watermelon cv. Charleston Gray, were added to the database. [May, 2017]

New domain name. The Cucurbit Genomics Database can now be reached under the new domain name Requests to the old domain will be directed to the newly designed database. [May, 2017]

Cucurbita maxima genome sequences, genetic maps and SNP markers described in Zhang et al. (2015) are available. A separated manuscript describingCucurbita maxima genome sequence, annotation and analysis is in preparation [Jan. 2016]

The blast interface was updated to incldued all cucurbit genome sequences. The blast interfaces under 'genome' menu were removed [Feb. 2014]

The cucumber HapMap and the genome of a wild cucumber published in Nature Genetics [Oct. 2013]

SNPs and INDELs among 115 cucumber accessions are available for download [Aug. 2013]

The full genome sequences and predicted genes of a wild cucumber accession, PI183967, are available for download [April 2013]

Watermelon genome published in Nature Genetics [Nov. 2012]

A total of 810 polymorphic SSR markers were provided by Syngenta and are now freely available. Download the file [June, 2012]

Functional annotation of watermelon genome predicted gene generated using the AHRD pipeline is now available for download. [May, 2012]

Melon BAC end sequences (~50,000) described in Gonzalez et al were included in the blast tool in the database [May, 2012]

Watermelon genome sequences released. Details... [Oct, 2011]

A unigene build of cucubita pepo ESTs was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

A new version (3.0) of cucumber EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

A new version (2.0) of watermelon EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

Individual melon genetics maps used to construct the final version of ICuGI map are uploaded into the database [June, 2011]

The final version of ICuGI melon genetic map is now available [April, 2011]

Melon pathway database updated. MelonCyc 2.0 was built based on the latest melon EST unigene build (v4.0). Details... [Dec. 2010]

A new version (4.0) of melon EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [May 2010]

Cucumber genome sequences are now in the database for blast, browsing and query, upon agreeing the data release policy. Details... [March 2010]

Approximately 90,000 new melon ESTs generated mainly by ICuGI are included in the database. Details... [Jan. 2010]

A merged genetics map of melon produced by ICuGI is now available in the database. [Jan. 2010]

More than 9 million pumpkin small RNAs were processed and analyzed, and included in the database. Details... [Jan. 2010]

Cucumber genome was sequenced and published on Nature Genetics. Details...[Nov. 2009]

Cucurbit biochemical pathways predicted from the latest versions of unigenes are now available [Sept. 2009]

More than 350,000 cucumber ESTs generated from gynoecious and hermaphrodite flowers using the 454 pyrosequencing technology are now available in the database. Details... [July 2009]

High-confidence SNPs were identified from ESTs of each unigene build using a modified pipeline. These SNPs can be obtained from the download site. Details... [July 2009]

A tool to functionally classify a list of unigenes into plant specific GO slims and a tool to identify enriched GO terms from a list of unigenes were implemented in the database. [July 2009]

Additional annotations of all EST unigenes obtained by comparing them against Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL and Arabidopsis protein databases were added [May. 2009]