The bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria cv. USVL1VR-Ls) genomes is published in The Plant Journal and the genome is now available to the public. [Sept. 2017]

The Cucurbita maxima (Rimu) and Cucurbita moschata (Rifu) genomes are published in Molecular Plant and the genomes are now available to the public without any restrictions. [Sept. 2017]

New interface and new genome release. The Cucurbit Genomics Database has been redesigned and now has a new interface. Several pre-released cucurbit genome sequences and annotations including Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata and watermelon cv. Charleston Gray, were added to the database. [May, 2017]

New domain name. The Cucurbit Genomics Database can now be reached under the new domain name Requests to the old domain will be directed to the newly designed database. [May, 2017]

Cucurbita maxima genome sequences, genetic maps and SNP markers described in Zhang et al. (2015) are available. A separated manuscript describingCucurbita maxima genome sequence, annotation and analysis is in preparation [Jan. 2016]

The blast interface was updated to incldued all cucurbit genome sequences. The blast interfaces under 'genome' menu were removed [Feb. 2014]

The cucumber HapMap and the genome of a wild cucumber published in Nature Genetics [Oct. 2013]

SNPs and INDELs among 115 cucumber accessions are available for download [Aug. 2013]

The full genome sequences and predicted genes of a wild cucumber accession, PI183967, are available for download [April 2013]

Watermelon genome published in Nature Genetics [Nov. 2012]

A total of 810 polymorphic SSR markers were provided by Syngenta and are now freely available. Download the file [June, 2012]

Functional annotation of watermelon genome predicted gene generated using the AHRD pipeline is now available for download. [May, 2012]

Melon BAC end sequences (~50,000) described in Gonzalez et al were included in the blast tool in the database [May, 2012]

Watermelon genome sequences released. Details... [Oct, 2011]

A unigene build of cucubita pepo ESTs was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

A new version (3.0) of cucumber EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

A new version (2.0) of watermelon EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [July 2011]

Individual melon genetics maps used to construct the final version of ICuGI map are uploaded into the database [June, 2011]

The final version of ICuGI melon genetic map is now available [April, 2011]

Melon pathway database updated. MelonCyc 2.0 was built based on the latest melon EST unigene build (v4.0). Details... [Dec. 2010]

A new version (4.0) of melon EST unigene build was added in the database. Details... [May 2010]

Cucumber genome sequences are now in the database for blast, browsing and query, upon agreeing the data release policy. Details... [March 2010]

Approximately 90,000 new melon ESTs generated mainly by ICuGI are included in the database. Details... [Jan. 2010]

A merged genetics map of melon produced by ICuGI is now available in the database. [Jan. 2010]

More than 9 million pumpkin small RNAs were processed and analyzed, and included in the database. Details... [Jan. 2010]

Cucumber genome was sequenced and published on Nature Genetics. Details...[Nov. 2009]

Cucurbit biochemical pathways predicted from the latest versions of unigenes are now available [Sept. 2009]

More than 350,000 cucumber ESTs generated from gynoecious and hermaphrodite flowers using the 454 pyrosequencing technology are now available in the database. Details... [July 2009]

High-confidence SNPs were identified from ESTs of each unigene build using a modified pipeline. These SNPs can be obtained from the download site. Details... [July 2009]

A tool to functionally classify a list of unigenes into plant specific GO slims and a tool to identify enriched GO terms from a list of unigenes were implemented in the database. [July 2009]